Some Updated Ideas On Common-sense Interview Skills Programs

interview skills

I immediately went at him, explaining all the ways our hiring right was great. His response: “Let me get this straight–you’ve had to fire 9 of the first 11 people you hired. And you think you have a good hiring process?” More From Stillborn Online Ventures A Grim Reality & How to Avoid It I actually laughed out loud. The sad part is I REALLY DID think we had a good hiring process! We used a cool hiring management funnel ( SparkHire ), we used fancy personality tests like the Berke — we did all the things I thought fancy entrepreneurs were supposed to do. wasn’t against those tools, he just pointed out what we were missing: “You guys made this too complicated. Hiring is about answers these questions: Do they have the skills? What is the proof they can do the job? Are they going to get along well with the tribe? Will they fit?

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